Hwyl Nofio - a marriage of dilemmas being resolved in another space




Hwyl Nofio is a group that defies simple classification. Variously described as experimental, avant-garde, ambient, contemporary classical, free improvisation, the enigmatic collective specialises in music that blurs the boundaries that usually define genres. hwyl nofio (the name translates from welsh roughly as ‘emotional swimmers’ came about in 1997, it is an evolving ensemble based around its originator Steve Parry, who had previously worked with Matt Johnson of 'The The' and Colin Potter of Nurse With Wound. “Steve Parry explores and exploits an ongoing collision between harmony and disharmony. Largely built around Parry’s abstract guitar patterns the music shifts between drone, embryonic melody and crackling elemental noise, replacing rock's normal linear dynamic with a series of fractured dialogues in which disfigured musical elements collide and merge with abstract blocks of sound.

Hwyl Nofio:

Steve Parry (fender guitar/prepared guitars/fender acoustic/bowed guitar/banjo/viola/Church organ/prepared piano/found sounds/flute/cello)

Previously with:-

Fredrik Soegaard (guitar, midi fractal image converter) as ‘The Soegaard Ensemble’ ‘Multiverse’, ‘Chronox’’ - Parry/Soegaard released the CD 'Off The Map'.

Sandor Szabo (ambimorph guitar processing) - numerous projects as experimental trio Szamaba, plus solo recordings for Leo Records.

Mark Beazley (bass/treatments/effects/mastering) various projects as “rothko” + solo works.

Trevor Stainsby (sound processing) had previously worked with Bowie/Iggy Pop guitarist Ricky Gardiner as Kumara

Balazs Major (percussion) – various projects for East European record labels including Szamaba with Sandor

Mark Powell (sax)

Gorwel Owen (prepared banjo)


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Hwyl Nofio